Typically, most weddings have that one lively guest who carries the self-appointed title of Hype Man Extraordinaire. A role commonly reserved for that especially colorful groomsman, on a mission to see every preteen and grandma turnt all the way up. 

But for Nicole and Tim Caputo, this was not the case. This was a job for Nicole herself—the young, whimsical and effortlessly gangsta bride known as, Thug Wife. 

…Did that description just throw you off? It threw us off too. Because, admittedly, our first impression (and her extensively detailed wedding manual) had us expecting someone prim and proper. But buttoned-up as she seemed, we pulled up to Nicole’s, heard that beat drop from inside the house, felt the bass all the way across the street, and realized we were in for something new. 

That something, was one of our favorite parties of the year. A one-of-a-kind celebration of love and life—thug life. Because lavender, roses and wind-blown chiffon can really make a girl feel like a boss.

And honestly, after you’ve planned and executed the perfect wedding, you and your lady swag deserve a moment to celebrate. 

So with the permission of Mrs. Caputo herself, we bring you...


The Top Tips For Thuggin Out Your Wedding:


 1.    It's All About Your Ride-or-Die: Let’s face it, this is the reason why we’re all here. Because you said yes to spending the rest of your days sticking by your best friend through thick and thin. So maintain perspective ladies, it’s all about the love. 

2.    Thugz Mansion: When hosting your first reveal at Old Westbury Gardens, be sure to allocate time for the requisite soul train line (as seen in the movie, Hitch). Note: we know Will Smith isn’t exactly the face of hardcore thuggin, but feel free to channel your inner Rick Ross (or Nicole) for inspiration.

3.    Squad Up: Chemistry is everything. And because your bridal party is with you for the entirety of your day, be sure they’re girls who help create and carry the atmosphere you want on your wedding day.  

4.    Putcha Stunna Shades On: This is a big one. Pick a Maid (or Matron) of Honor who can speak from the heart and still slay the game on your toast. Bonus points if she spits her speech to a custom track like Nicole’s sister, Victoria. (p.s. can we please shoot your wedding one day?!) 

5.    Make a Mean Playlist: Whether your songs include Frank Sinatra, Fetty Wap or some glorious combination of the two—make sure the DJ knows your must-have jams. 

6.    Just Keep it Real: Above all, make sure your wedding day is YOURS. There’s often pressure to meet everyone’s expectations, but rememberthugs take orders from no one. So don’t shy away from being who you truly are. The most beautiful brides are the authentic onesnever opting for a fake smile when the moment calls for a deep belly laugh, a few honest tears or some serious mean muggin (like our girl, Nicole). You’ve waited your whole life for this day, be sure to show the real you :)