I’ve always believed that good things come in three’s. This is possibly a bias towards my favorite number, or perhaps it's merely the curse of perpetual optimism. Either way, this lucky phenomenon is both proven and validated by one simple word: Trifecta. It's a term defined as “a run of three wins or grand events” (a.k.a good things… in three’s). 

This was the word that came to mind a few weeks ago, as we rolled our photo gear out of Al Badia Golf Club, trying to make sense of the glorious celebration still booming behind us—trifecta. It was the only logical conclusion to the beautiful collision of Nigeria, Ethiopia and Arabia, somehow happening all at once. 

That collision, was the international black-tie affair where Ms. Betty Samuel became Mrs. Chinedum Nwaneri. A stunning Ethiopian/Eritrean bride and strapping Nigerian groom with enough style to give the Middle East elite a nice run for their money. The couple tied the knot in none other than Dubai, the city of their courtship.

It was there in Festival City that we found ourselves in the midst of one of those nights you’ll never forget. Surrounded by guests from all over the globe and enmeshed in one of the most colorful cultural events we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. 

What began with a custom white gown and embroidered tuxedo, gave way to a native Nigerian dress, golden head wraps and later—a regal pair of black and gold capes for the newlyweds. Each change ushered in a new spotlight of Nigerian and Ethiopian/Eritrean customs; blurring the lines of performance with the art of tradition and the beauty of love celebrated in earnest abandon. 

It was the kind of celebration that had its own pulse. A night so alive, it pulls in anyone and anything that’s not already nailed to the ground. Ourselves included—happily swept up into a place that existed neither west in Nigeria, nor east in Ethiopia, but somewhere in between. Somewhere that surely hung there in the Arabian sky long after the evening ended.