Throughout history, many cultures across the world have upheld traditions requiring brides to enter into special time of preparation before stepping up to the alter and into their new lives. For months before the wedding, they retreat for various rituals surrounding prayer and purification. Of course, we’re no stranger to the polish and process many brides adopt today; but after considering these time-honored practices, I couldn’t help seeing a few similarities reflected in a recent process of my own. 

While much less formal (and far from bridal) I’ve taken a form of a retreat myself. A brief intermission in more of a metaphorical than a physical sense, but a time for clarity and refining nonetheless. To take stock of my current position, my passions and goals, as an entrepreneur on the outside, but an artist at heart. To truly identify my core principles, evaluate my best work and reestablish my commitment for the journey ahead. 

Because stepping up to an altar, whether in a church, on a beach or under a tree; whether as a the officiant, the photographer or the bride herself, requires careful thought and consideration to properly revere the moment at hand. 

So with this process in mind–cleansing completed, purpose polished and reason rekindled, I’m ready for a first reveal of my own. Because today not only marks the launch of the newly redesigned, it represents the beginning to a new and exciting season in my life as a photographer. And call me old-fashion, but in the spirit of tradition, I’d like to mark the date with a few public vows of my own:

To let passion take precedence in everything I shoot. To favor personality over automated output. To say what I mean and shoot what I see. To lead with creativity and follow each story as its unveiled. To keep expectations high, and ego low. To aim for excellence and land on authenticity. To be present in the moment, sensitive to the atmosphere and conscious of emotion. To capture subtle nuance and grand statements alike. To never sacrifice integrity or lose perspective on the moment—these days are absolutely as priceless as they seem. 

Above all, I commitment to being myself, building my craft, taking nothing for granted and making memories of my own along the way. 

Here’s to the new chapter ahead.